I just concluded an extensive four months Industry Training attachment (internship). The time was split between two different organizations with the first being a government agency in the capital city (Abuja) and the other at a private organization in the ‘commercial’ capital city (Lagos).

Someone later asked me about what I gained from the Industrial Training attachment I just concluded and I honestly didn’t have anything to say at that time. But after a bit of reflection, I realized I had received such a great experience and my only problem was just how to express it comprehensively.

Even though I was just an intern and was assigned to do specific tasks, I allowed my mind to wonder freely away to see the other aspects of the company. This gave me a lot of insights personally as an entrepreneur and an aspiring business owner on how different seemingly unrelated and incoherent tasks can lead to one single output. This gave me the empirical proof that the saying “The whole is bigger than the sum of its parts” is true.

With my prior background as an engineering student and my programming experience, I know a little about how systems can cooperate to achieve a specific goal. But one of the distinguishing factors about the system at the company is that the system comprises of people with really different skills and knowledge who set out to executive the company’s short and long termed goals and I was part of the system.

My experience can be summed up under what I learnt about these three items:

  • People
  • Business
  • Technology

People came up first because they are the most important and most intricate aspect of any business or endeavor. We see people in our homes, schools, offices, marketplaces, parties, everywhere we go. They form the basics of our daily encounter and human life.

Business is the second key item which I was exposed to. What I refer to here as business here is simply the process by which a company manages her assets with the help of her staffs to bring in profit to foster sustainability and growth of the company.

Technology is the last but the not least. This is the tool by which a company can achieve efficiency in her operations. This can also be seen either as an advantage or a disadvantage. It is an advantage to those who are constantly looking of better ways of doing things and who are not afraid of change but also a disadvantage to dogmatic people who are not swift in adapting to the current trends in the technology space. Since I was assigned to do mostly technical tasks, I spent more time learning about technology.

I will write more on these three key aspects in my next series of posts.

Thanks for your time and patience and please don’t forget to send in your comments and criticisms. 😀