I have to go back to work! I know what you’re going to say but I need the money because I cannot live like this. I cannot live like this. And I cannot live without you. – Gia Carangi

Wake up and Save the World

With the strike being called off by the Nigerian Labour Congress after 8 days of protesting and endless meetings of the Labour leaders and the Federal Government, offices are being opened back and work is bound to commence fully for the year.

I must confess that I haven’t done any serious coding since the Christmas break last year leaving me in a rusty state of mind. The current harmattan weather is also adding “the laziness effect” which makes me want to just lie in my bed all day wrapped under my blanket.

The phrase “Back to work” applies to independent developers and programmers like me too, although it’s more of a mental shift rather than a physical movement to an office. After two weeks of internet activism against the government, I am gradually working myself back to full mental fitness which I need to chunk out lines of codes after the hiatus.

Enough said, I need to get to back to my codes!