Better to starve fighting than to starve working. A slogan of the Lawrence, Massachusetts “Bread and Roses” strike of 1912


Finally the NLC (Nigerian Labour Congress) and TUC (Trade Union Congress) strike is over. I will like to see what becomes of the OccupyNigeria activism which gained the attention of news channel in Nigeria and some international news channels. Well that is another story entirely.


The effects of the strike by the NLC an TLC been suspended includes the following

  • The Federal Government of Nigeria finally having its way in the unjustified increase in the price of fuel.
  • Traders happy to back in the business hustling to recoup what they lost during the one week period.
  • Company owners happy to have their employees back while making adjustments to their budget plans.
  • Employees sad to resume work. They want a longer break from work.
  • The Labour happy as they are being celebrated as heroes by some Nigerians after what they claim to be ‘a successful negotiation’.


To claim that the employees are to be only unhappy group is a BIG LIE. The majority of the country are left unhappy and maybe to be forgotten.  The other majority includes

  • OccupyNigeria activists who want the government to clean up the system and make it free of corruption.
  • Unemployed graduates who are constantly finding it hard to survive the harsh job climate and fighting hard with their morals to stay off crime as the only means to survival.
  • Road side traders and hawkers having to endure a lesser profit margins.
  • ASUU (ACADEMIC STAFF UNION OF UNIVERSITIES) who are currently on strike thanks to the empty promises of the government.
  • Federal University students who are forced to stay home due to the current ASUU strike.


Even with all these issues, an average Nigerian is still optimistic and hoping for a better tomorrow similar to the attitude of Arsenals fan which makes us so vulnerable to promises of the Federal Government which are not backed by the willingness and determination to bring them to pass.

I still believe in a future better Nigeria.

God bless Nigeria.