“I had to reset everything and go back to the basics, … You have to crawl before you walk, walk before you run, and (the knee) was all new to me.”
-Darrell Campbell

Hello fellow Blackberry users!

If you are a ‘power’ user of your blackberry like me, then you might be experiencing frequent freezing and hanging of your blackberry smartphone. The freezing and hanging simply is that annoying moment when your phone is inaccessible or unusable by you even though the phone is in your hands.

There are a couple of actions to take to reduce the frequency of the freezing and hanging.

One way of resetting your Blackberry smartphone is by removing the battery of the phone and putting it back in this spot. Although this works, the only issue with it is that it is not neat enough.

Now imagine you are in middle of a discussion or meeting and you notice your Blackberry is freezing, you won’t make a good impression by removing your battery. Therefore in times like this you need a cleaner method.

The other way of resetting your phone is by holding down the “alt key” + the “right shift key” + the “del key” for about 4 seconds.

It’s that simple.

Save yourself from those embarrassing moments.