The picture above was released by the community of hackers who were disgusted by the way the media responded to the death of the both Steve Jobs and Dennis Ritchie. The unhappy sect are of the opinion that Dennis Ritchie deserves more credit that Steve Jobs.

I agree with them. All of Steve Jobs innovations wouldn’t have been possible without the invention of C Programming language and UNIX which are inventions credited to Dennis Ritchie. The creation of C brought about most of the new programming languages we have now. Most products of Apple are built using C and C++ and their Operating Software (Mac  OS) was built on the UNIX operating system architecture. Dennis Ritchie’s efforts brought about the future and later inventions and innovations at Apple and in other software companies like Microsoft, Oracle, and the list goes on. Dennis Ritchie can be seen as the father of their innovations and inventions.

Credit must not be taken from Steve Jobs whose visionary abilities, business savvy, determination amongst all other qualities revolutionized personal computing, the music industry, social interaction, consumer electronics and so on. He was a blessing to us all.

Even though as a programmer I am not a fan of C as a  programming language and I have never owned an Apple product, I still must say that they are both heroes who deserve nothing less than our appreciation for leaving the world a better place than they met it.

I believe the picture below did justice to the praise of both of these great individuals.

Two Get Pioneers: Steve Jobs and Dennis Ritchie

Two Get Pioneers: Steve Jobs and Dennis Ritchie