Contrary to the words of the Minister of Eduction of Nigeria about the Federal Government reaching a final agreement with ASUU, Dr Felix Igwe (the Chairman of ASUU, River State University of Science and Technology, Port Harcourt) has unequivocally announced that ASUU is not in an hurry to call of the seven-week strike.

This is sad because it shows that the Federal Government is not committed to fulfilling the promises made to ASUU in the year 2009. Even though the National Assembly through the Senate President, David Mark, announced last Wednesday, the approval of the extension of retirement age of professors from 65 to 70 years, ASUU is fully aware that this is still a bill. The bill needs to be approved by the President before it can become a law.

ASUU also has other issues that are yet be addressed by the Federal Government which include

  • autonomy of Universities
  • funding of Universities
  •  payment of earned allowances and other welfare matters

With the other pressing issues affecting the Federal Government, I believe ASUU should grant the Federal Government some concession by calling off the strike while they continue their negotiations. The Minister of Education should also refrain from announcing false conclusive remarks.

The current situation is that the minds of future of Nigeria (students) are getting rusty at home, the educational curricular are already outdated, University researches need better Federal Government backing and funding, University staffs are not given the best welfare amongst the other issues.

Finally, I hope both parties resolve their conflict as soon as possible.