20 years ago, a rich king was born. Even though he is destined to be a king, he was reduced to a prince. Even though he is destined to be a billionaire, he was born penniless. Later he grew to understand that before he could be granted his royalty he had to be brave, courageous and fight for his right. Before he could be granted his riches he had to work tirelessly to rip the fruit of his labor. This is my story.

Laugh it out loud. Hahahaha.

Okay. Seriously now. Today is my birthday. Yaaaaaay!! It’s a celebration y’all. Birthdays are usually memorable days. They are the days to get the most love from everyone. It’s a day dedicated to you with the entire spotlight on you. What a wonderful feeling you get. I wish my birthday is every day. But really if that wish is granted I won’t really appreciate it anymore. So this is one of those wishes of mine, I wish will never come to pass.

It is a wonderful feeling to be celebrated. This reminds of the homeless children, people in the prison, motherless babies and so on, most of them don’t remember that feeling of being appreciated and celebrated. Even some might have never been celebrated before. I really feel sorry for them. Everyone deserves to be celebrated and appreciated every day. Honestly I wish I spent some time celebrating with these ones today. I wish I could show them all the love I got today.

I also got reminded today of the some of the other many wonderful things and people in my life. The same things and people I take for granted every day. May God forgive me.

This is the beginning of my year (not January 1) and also the beginning of a new decade for me. I believe the 20s is the decade to stop dreaming and start living the dream. It’s the decade to stop wanting to be someone and the decade go out and be that person. This is the best decade to start sowing the seed of greatness. This decade should be the beginning of something great. There’s tremendous energy to compensate for lack of maturity (there are exceptions though).

As a successful African businessman said and I believe, “the first 25 years in a person is the time when the person is fed. He/she has little or no obligation of doing anything spectacular in return. He/she should be nurtured by his/her parents, family, teachers and the community. There’s no need to be great in this first 25 years – only a need to find one’s identity. The second next 25 years is the time for the person to get in the community and work in it. This is really our best working years. Having found an identity, the person has the need to survive and prosper the same community and that he/she was nurtured in. The next 25 years and beyond is the period for the same person to give back to the community. He/she feels the need to be celebrated and even immortalized because he/she knows the end is near.”

I hope I am not sounding like a preacher. I am sorry if I am :D.

I am thankful to God for the gift of life. I had a blast today and I am grateful Boko Haram didn’t blast too (pun intended). I am thankful to everyone who has stood by me up to this point. May God bless you and make you all bigger. Thank y’all.