Hey guys! I have not done anything other than code today. Yes. I went 10 straight hours. I am sure programmers at google go through this and more as a routine so I haven’t really done anything special. But that’s definitely my longest spell ever. I have a deadline to meet by Friday. So much to do but really more than enough time. I love what I call “the rush-hour”. This is the eleventh hour – the last hour to complete a project or something worthwhile. I sometimes wait for this time before I put in the big push I should have put since I started. I just love the thrill of the last moment when either you get it right or everything come crashing down.

One other thing is that I get bored really easily. I never enjoy doing one thing for too long. Like most technopreneurs and entrepreneurs I know, I think I suffer from this “attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD or AD/HD or ADD)”. Mildly though. Entrepreneurs generally has the inherent characteristic trait of having so many interests. This is of course helpful because it helps them know a lot of a lot which could be a distinguishing factor amongst their peers. This also has some disadvantages. One of which is the likelihood and having too many diverging and sometimes conflicting interests. This could make someone lose focus easily which causes unfinished projects and generally the feeling of being everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

But also one of the other crucial inherent characteristic traits entrepreneurs have is determination. That innate burning desire to turn your dreams into reality, your ideas to successful products and your startup into a business empire. This determination could help mitigate the consequences of paying too much attention to a lot of a thing and not one thing at the same time. What is really important and absolute necessary is balance.

So Friday is not too far from today. I want to finish this phase of the app’s development soon enough. This means sleepless nights and busy days for the next 72 hours or so. Long hard hours in front of my computer screen with heavy metal music playlists. Moments like this are the most exciting for software enthusiasts like me.

I am already on my energy reserve for today. I need some rest. Yarns. Forgive my manners please. :D.

Thanks for reading this. Good night.