Light Up Nigeria
As I am writing this there is currently no electric power supply in my neighbourhood. It was shut off temporarily for reasons only best known to the PHCN (Power Holding Cooperation of Nigeria formerly NEPA) operators. I was in the middle of a coding session :(. I am also getting the adrenalin rush as I get as the rush hour of the project I am working on. My laptop’s battery is gradually dwindling to 0%. This is one of the best times to jam one of my favorite Nigerian songs “NEPA bring the light” by this rock band called Threadstone.
This is one of those times I don’t get to spend time in front of my laptop. Time also crawls really slowly during these times. One of the positives from these times is that I get to do a lot of time which I haven’t had time to do or other general random chores. The things I enjoy doing during these moments include reading good books (mostly non-fiction), hangouting with my best friends, physical workouts, taking long strolls, embarrassing myself on the soccer field (yeah I am that bad at soccer) or sometimes just lying down and to daydream (yeah I daydream a lot!!! :D) till I dose off.
The issue of stable electric power has been a conundrum ever since I’ve grown into consciousness in this country. It’s still one of the current issues stomping the growth of the Small and Medium enterprises industry sector (which consists of mainly entrepreneurs like me) in Nigeria. As some economics expert say and I quoted “this sector has the power of driving the overall economic growth and development of this country.”
But the cold hard and sad truth is that this sector has been grossly over-looked by the government for a very long time. Too much of the government attention has been on the oil sector which is a sector that is being grossly mismanaged and looted by a few Nigerians (government and “the anonymous cabals”) for their own personal and selfish ambitions. This is one of the reasons for the recent nationwide strike action embarked upon by the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) and some other trade unions earlier this month.
Even though there had been quite a number of reforms in the power sector, there has not really been any noticeable improvement in term of stable and reliable power supply. This is probably due to the corruption that has been the major challenge of the growth of the nation. It has really never been an issue of inadequate capable minds and bodies to do the work that needs to be done. Neither has it been a matter of natural resources – Nigeria is so abundantly blessed with some of finest crude oil on earth (sulphur-less crude oil), abundant land and waters for agriculture, bitumen, iron ore, gold and so much more. We truly should be amongst the most powerful countries in the world.
With all that said, I believe you now understand my plight and those of other entrepreneurs like me. But in the midst of these current realities and situations, I believe Nigeria will come out it and will soon be a place to be reckoned with. I am a proud to be a Nigerian. I join the host of other Nigerians (who believe in a future better Nigeria) by pledging my allegiance to contribute my very best into the growth and development of this great nation of ours.
I believe in a future better Nigeria. God bless Nigeria!!!