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Is technopreneurship really the next big thing in Nigeria and Africa? Assuming you are sitting on the hot sit of the popular game show Who Wants to a Millionaire and you are asked this question, what will your reply be? You have the following options “Yes”, “No”, “Maybe” and “I don’t know”. This is the final question – the N10 million question. All that is between you and your cash is this question. Think carefully.

Okay. Snap back to reality (only if you went on the imagination trip though lol). But really this is an interesting question and topic for me. For starters, the keyword here – technopreneurship is the marriage of these two words, technology and entrepreneurship. That brings about the person behind this – the technopreneur.

 Rajesh Shakya really makes it clear in one of his blog posts back in 2007 by stating that and I quote “A technoprenuer is an entrepreneur who is technology savvy, creative, innovative, dynamic, dares to be different and take the unexplored path, and very passionate about their work. They take challenges and strive to lead their life with greater success. They don’t fear to fail. They take failure as a learning experience, a stimulator to look things differently and stride for next challenge. Technoprenuers continuously go through an organic process of continual improvement and always try to redefine the dynamic digital economy.”

Wow! What a comprehensive definition! Similar to the ones you will find in those boring school books. But really what he said is true. Really true! Great examples of technopreneurs include Bill Gates – Microsoft, Steve Jobs (RIP) – Apple, Sergey Brin and Larry Page – Google, Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook, Jeff Bezos – Amazon. The list is endless with new additions every day. These brilliant people stood out to create a better world using technology as the main tool for their innovation. Just imagine a world without social networking sites like Facebook – the largest “Nation” on the web. Okay what the heck?! Some people don’t facebook or social network but can they do without search engines like Google? Now I’d believe everyone will agree that these people made and are still making the world a better place.
technology entrepeneurship
Now back to the question I asked earlier – is technopreneurship really the next big thing in Nigeria and Africa? Could it be catalyst to the innovation we need to drive the growth of our collapsing economies? Could it inspire young and brilliant minds to create great products and services that could change our societies? Could it create investment opportunities in Nigeria and the rest of Africa? Could the ambition of getting wealth through oil money be replaced by the ambition of being a successful technopreneur?

Yes!! Yes!!! I believe so. When I was younger I had the dreams of being a rapper, then later I wanted to be a music producer, then later a music executive lol. But really one of the reasons was because the entertainment industry started to boom then especially the music aspect. I wanted to be a part of it – so also most of my best friends. The interesting thing right now is that although a lot of young people still aspire to be great entertainers, I am pleased to see some of us aspiring to be technopreneurs.

Right now we are a few but our number is increasing every day. So is the level of awareness and access to the information to be successful technopreneurs. There are also quite of number of people excelling in their technopreneurship endeavors in Nigeria and Africa. This could serve as a motivation to other young minds out there. Also, these experienced technopreneurs could serve as role models and mentors to these young minds.

technopreneurship - the way

Technopreneurship is the way to go!!

The final question I want to ask you is this, when it happens will you be part of it?