When two chickens fight, one of them (the weaker one) ends up in the soup sooner. This is the story of my mum’s two chickens. Their full story goes like this. The two chickens were both given to us as a gift by the same person, the same day. My mum decided that they weren’t big enough for consumption yet so she decided to rear them for some while. Since they were both from the same source and were both male chickens, she assumed that they were brothers (we still don’t know) and she decided to keep them in the same cage. Wrong idea!

They both lived in peace and harmony (at least so we thought). They both shared their food and water. They went through the sunshine and the rain together – that sort of thing. Until today, they were both happy living together. But today I noticed some movement in their cage so I peeped through the window. I was surprised to see them in a bloody chicken fight in fact one was already the victor. If you haven’t seen a chicken fight before, it’s a primitive fight between two or more chickens which involves biting of each other head till one drops dead or finds an escape route and lives to fight another day. In this situation, it was a cage fight so the latter was only possible option but luckily for the weaker one I was there to save the day lol. But unfortunately for it, it was too injured and we couldn’t tell if it could make it through night so we slaughtered it – its surest path to the pot of soup.

Here are some lessons from the chicken fight that could be useful to you. They are

  • Never put two male chickens in the same cage. They deserve more space.
  • Never get involved in a chicken fight.
  • If you are ever involved in a chicken fight, don’t be the weaker one. As the Chinese will say, “Don’t fight a war you can’t win”.

Thanks for reading this. I hope you got to crack some of your ribs. I apologize if you find this offensive or wrong.