no-power-electricity latern 

Electricity is gold! This might be a lousy metaphor but it is true when you don’t have electricity at your disposal. Value is a function of scarcity and want. Right now, electricity is one of the valuable things to me now because I want need it and it’s scarce. Yeah this is the same electricity that I had taken for granted in the recent past.

Really it sucks! For the past 72 straight hours or so, there hasn’t been electric power. This place feels like a village. No thanks to the Power Hold Cooperation of Nigeria (PHCN) who decided to take down the memory lane to as far back as the pre-electricity days. It’s probably not their fault this time though because I think there was a serious fault with one of their power equipment due to a heavy downfall of rain (second rain of the year) before the light went off. This brings to mind the blessing and curse that such heavy downfalls usually bring. A blessing because it’s so refreshing and good for farmers and a curse because of the possible damages it might cause. I just wonder why this has to happen every time though and what the PHCN staffs do to prevent this because I don’t think they observe proper pre-cautions. I also wonder how this country plans to be amongst the top 20 nations with the best economies of world by 2020 (Vision 20 2020) with this kind of national electric power situation – I laugh. I laugh not as a pessimist but as a realist.

This is also not a good time to be deprived of electricity because the heat is at its peak now. We need to cool to off our bodies. This is the time of the year when I feel the need to take many showers a day – showers become as important as oxygen.

I really feel like my life was paused for the past 3 days. I was forced to turn down my nerd swag since nerds like me survive only on electricity and internet like how addicts survive on crack. In one of my previous posts, I discussed some of the things I enjoy doing when there is no electricity. The sad thing was that I really didn’t feel like doing any of these things. I didn’t want to read, I wanted to write. I didn’t want to work-out, I wanted to code.

One positive to draw from this is that I finally had the time to relax – and sleep. I was forced to take a retreat – best times to find serendipity. I was lucky and blessed enough to find one of those great ideas – a product idea for one of next big things to happen in Nigeria. Amen. I was also able to think about how I had been thinking – this actually also helps to get newer, more refreshing and some exciting (yeah exciting) perspectives. Sometimes a little different view of a situation could turn around a negative situation. I was able to see things differently. That helps a lot.

The light is back now! Yaaay! Hopefully the fault has been fixed.

The past three days has been memorable both positively and negatively. I draw more positives than negatives and I am grateful to God for that.