Sadly enough I haven’t been writing blog posts these days. It hasn’t been because of lack of motivation or insights; it has been because of my busy school schedule. Yesterday, I came across a John Grisham novel I would really like to devour. After getting excited after reading the preview, I got reminded of an assignment I had to submit in the next hour. Aaaaargh! Can’t I have break???

There are so many things to do but where is the time? a minute  I am doing an assignment sorry dubbing an assignment, the next second I’m in a class, the next minute I am bombarded with an impromptu test and I still have to drag my sleepy lazy head to another class. Aaaaaaargh!!! This is crazy! I need a vacation from school like every other week :D.

Okay, maybe I am the lazy unserious type but can you really blame me? Is it my fault that the Nigerian Educational System (especially at the tertiary level) sucks like this? Most of my classes are held in really harsh conditions (in hot classrooms with bad ventilation systems, inaudible lecturers; why is it so hard to fix the bad public address systems or even why don’t even install new ones?). The irony is that when the public address systems are working, some lecturers refuse to use them and this is the Faculty of Technology! We are so engrossed with engineering calculations and theory that their application eludes us. What an irony!

At the end of day, the bottom line is that I happen to school in a bad system; even my lecturers admit it’s a bad system. We both suffer these harsh condition but we like to believe it’s not our faults. The university authorities and the Federal Government also like to believe it’s not their fault. So whose fault is it anyway? Your fault? Maybe. Like one of my lecturers said yesterday “We are all crazy!” The ‘We” here are all students, lecturers, university staffs and the Federal Government. Remember I didn’t say that, a lecturer of mine said it.

I am not the best in position to complain about the woes of our educational system because I am probably part of the problem – I am obviously not providing a solution so I can’t be the solution but I think our educational system needs a disruption. We need to review and reinvent our education by finding ways to create a system that works best for all of the parties involved starting from the students.

In other news, there are some people that are finding ways to disrupt the current formal educational model worldwide. Please check this link for a mind blowing video Teaching Math With the Kinect. Thank me later