truth vs factMost often, we use the words ‘truth’ and ‘fact’ interchangeably while expressing ourselves in daily conversations. In some contexts, they can mean the same thing, but there are fundamental differences between the truth and a fact. Getting a grip of these differences can help expand the understanding of our world and also help us communicate more effectively.

First, let us have a look at the definitions of ‘Truth’ and ‘Fact”. ‘Truth’ is basically the true state of a certain matter, may it be a person, a place, a thing or an event while ‘fact’ can be described as something that exists, or is present in reality. Truths (e.g. I am in London) could be true for the present but not all the time while facts (e.g fire is hot) are constant and do not change. Truth is relative and based on what a person has come to believe, in other words, if he believes that something is true, then it is true meanwhile a fact is not just something you believe, but rather things that can be observed empirically, or by the senses – facts are rather objective than subjective.

Finally, truth is dependent on one’s perspective; one man’s truth is not necessarily the same for another while facts can be proven regardless of the perspective of the observer or even in the absence of an observer.