Over the years, companies and brands logos have been a major differentiator between companies and their competitors. The most important thing in the branding of a company after its name is its logo. Companies and brands need to create visual logos that resonate with their philosophy, culture, attitude amongst other elements. Logos are sometimes the only images customers remember of companies therefore it is of essence to create a really good impression especially from the beginning. There are so many companies and brands out there that to be really unique, all aspects of the company’s image have to be given adequate attention. There are a lot of elements that makes a logo a great one.

But first, let’s discuss the three broad types of logos. They are

  1. Text-based logos
  2. Image-based logos
  3. Image and text logos

Text-based logos

Text-based logos are usually the names of companies in a unique font. These types of logos are the most common and probably the most important. They could serve as a great way to remind your customers about the name of your company also in an artistic way. It is more advisable for new companies and brands to use text-based logos more since their names are not well registered in their customers and their targeted audience’s minds. It is also the simplest type of logo for branding your company.


Image-based logos

Image-based logos are the images other than pure texts used to represent companies and brands. There are various styles which range from abstract images to shapes. The opportunities for creating image-based logos are just limitless. This is more popular with companies whose product and brand needs to be heavy differentiated from their competitors. Image-based logos are usually more common with media companies and brands but it is not limited to this category only. In cases whereby a company’s name is too long therefore limiting the use of text-based logos, a nice image-based logo could be used instead and still serve the same purpose.


Image and text logos

Image and text logos are those types of logos that contain both texts and images. This type of logo combines the features of both text-based only and image-based only logos. They are used a lot by automobile makers.